2019.12 INE-F904D Kaart update2019.12 INE-F904D Mise à jour Cartographique
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Mise à jour cartographique 2019.12

Instructions for updating the map data for: INE-F904D / INE-F904T6

We offer you to temporarily download the current map material 2019.12 from our homepage instead of

Please check the firmware version on your device first, since the installation method differs depending on the firmware version.

You can find the firmware version by pressing the "Menu" button, then "Setup", followed by "General" and "About".


For devices with a firmware version lower than “1.3020 1.3020 1.3020”:

Téléchargez les instructions ci-dessous:


For devices with firmware version “1.3020 1.3020 1.3020”:

Téléchargez les instructions ci-dessous:


Map and Software Update for:
INE-F904D / INE-F904T6


Firmware Update Content – Release Notes

  • This firmware is updating a new application software of your Head Unit
  • Improved touch button operation
  • Improvements to the update function
  • Activation of HDMI camera
  • Improvements for CAN bus interfaces

Navigation Application Update Content – Release Notes:

  • Improvement of the import function of POI data
  • Improved display of POIs
  • Map 2019.12, latest available map content

Pre-requis et limitations

  • Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • Clé USB capacité minimum de 16 GB  (freshly FAT32 formatted)

Information importante relative au logiciel

A propos de la license du logiciel des produits

Le logiciel installé sur ces produits est open-source

Veuillez trouver ci-dessous les informations relatives aux termes et conditions du logiciel open-source, aux garanties et au code source: